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Hemoperfusion Saves Lives!

Hemoperfusion Saves Lives!

Whole world has been caught fully unprepared for the pandemics. Authorities have made and continue to make maximum effort to take the virus under the control. Science and engineering have been pushed to all their limits for treatment. This fight is still on and no one can point out the finish line yet.

We have heard of many medical terms during the Pandemics: SEPSIS, plasma treatment, antibody, N95, etc.

In this scope, sepsis is an issue of special importance to be acquainted with. At least 8 million people die of sepsis every year. Being extremely fatal, sepsis can be defined as the attack of the immune system on the body as a result of an overwhelming and life-threatening response to an infection.

Cytokines which cause sepsis are basically the special forces of the immune system. But, cytokine increase induced by overreaction may have devastating results such as death.

While thousands of lives have been and continue to be lost during the pandemics due to sepsis on one side, hemoperfusion continues to save thousands of lives on the other side.

This pandemic time actually offers the world a great opportunity to grasp a better understanding of hemoperfusion treatment. Hemoperfusion is the technology of the future and, treatment opportunities it will present to the human being will be discovered in time. Sepsis is just one of these areas. Particularly the HP-focused sepsis treatment should be immediately included in the treatment guidelines and a joint study should be made soon to spread this technology to every corner of the world.

Based on the working principle of “doing no harm to the useful substances while removing sepsis-inducing mediators (cytokines) from the body”, HP treatment should be addressed more seriously through a large-scale study to be conducted on a much larger-study group. By this way, we may have the chance to develop a better understanding of this future technology and to use it more efficiently for the sake of humanity.

Most important concern raised by the physicians using HP treatment is the limited number of clinical studies. It should be kept in mind that clinical studies can be made only by the esteemed physicians. Unless respectable physicians make clinical studies, the number of such studies will always remain limited.

‘No article published in the most prestigious journal of the world can be compared to any real experience of a physician” ‘

HP treatment should start to be closely monitored by the respected global organizations such as WHO and its effectiveness be announced to the whole world soon. Otherwise, how longer can we treat sepsis with antibiotics?...

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