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Blood Engineering!

Blood Engineering!
Blood Engineering! Admittedly, this concept has probably not been heard of thus far. However, considering the connection between the majority of diseases and blood, blood engineering is going to be one of the most heard and preferred professions of the future.

Blood mysteriously contains causes of many diseases in its unique structure. Although the world of science assumes that many secrets of blood have been revealed; exactly like brain, blood still hosts many more secrets. Reveling of these secrets will enable treatment of many diseases.

Indeed, researches on blood date back a long time. Technological developments carry these researches a step forward. Yet, we are still far from fully understanding blood and blood-related diseases.

It has been quite a long time since the phenomenon of “blood” has overstep the limits of only biologists, medical doctors and genetic engineers. Blood, in itself, is a field of engineering now.

Integrating medical approaches into mathematical analyses and engineering will play a significant role in treatment of many diseases we face today as well as ones we will face in the future.

Purification of blood from disease-causing components is a current method. However, it would not be so wrong to state that this approach is in its infancy. One of the pioneers of this field, Jafron Biomedical has come a much longer way than its rivals in blood purification. Jafron will continue to play the leading role in treatment of blood-related diseases in future’s as well as today’s world thanks to the huge experience it has gained under the leadership of science. Jafron has already given the high sign of this achievement particularly in the time of the pandemic the world is passing through. Being the firm closest to explaining the whole world of science what blood engineering is, Jafron will continue to shed light on the globe in this field with the help of the scientific infrastructure it has successfully built.

Blood engineering studies which will continue in the light of science, under the leadershio of valuable medical doctors and at the precision of engineering will create a billion-dollar market and new fields of business in the near future. A protective shield can be built for all humanity of the future wolrd by receiving support rather than objection of shareholders and integration of Blood Engineering with blockchain technologies that have sound infrastructure.

                                                                                                        By H.Semih Çetin