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The medical device registration system in Turkey is much less complex than in European countries but it still has tricks, especially for innovative and brand new products.

Reimbursement Prices

Prices paid by goverments for medical devices considerably differ from one country to another; however, developed and developing countries offer similar levels of payment.

Cooperation with  Perfectly Matched Distribution Partners

We categorize distributor candidates according to their field of interest, company size, financial structure, location and experience level. Not only in Turkey and also in other countries.

Business Development and Management

Marketing and commercializing a new medical device in a foreign countries involves many complicated steps and increasingly stringent regulations.

New Market Opportunities

We provide professional support for International Manufacturers in their access to the Turkish, and neighbouring(MENA,Europe) medical markets

Market Access Strategies

Gradyan Group closely monitors the developments in the global healthcare and medical device sector.Gradyan Group will surely guide you to the right direction to leading to these highly recognised markets 

Medical Device Certification

Gradyan Group offers certification consultancy services for CE,ISO13485, FDA etc. to support your global market access goals.

Turnkey Solutions 

Gradyan Group offers a one stop solution for all issues pertaining to the medical device sector. Our work is grounded in real medical business experiences in order to produce tangible and bottom line outcomes.