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The Gradyan Group offers the following market access strategies:

  • To identify and analyse the potential markets and to search and target specific products
  • To communicate and interact with the manufacturer
  • To make mutual agreements to start business relationship
  • To facilitate regulatory registrations and market entry
  • To set up market network and maintain business relationships

Marketing and commercializing a new medical device in a foreign country involves many complicated steps and increasingly stringent regulations. Yet each year, these seemingly daunting efforts result in the introduction of a wide range of outstanding devices into the national medical world which welcomes new and better ways of making patients feel better.We have advised a number of companies on access to global and local level markets through devising a strategic plan based on Gradyan Group’s unique capacity to penetrate the Turkey and other foreign markets.

The Gradyan Group has the knowledge and experiences required for timely, cost-effective and succesful market penetration of its clients. We are specialized in bringing the manufacturer and the medical device supplier together in order to ensure a smooth, succesful and long-lasting transition to a new market. We are Gradyan professionals: a key to market access for large medical device suppliers, medical device manufacturers, and individual inventors represented by venture capitalists.

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The medical device industry is one the biggest industries in the $3.2 trillion global healthcare sector.